Setting up Android Development platform – Eclipse

Here is in brief the steps required to set up the Android development environment
1. Download – Eclipse Helios version – Choose 32bit or 64bit from the right side based on ur system configuration – I used 32 bit.
    Link:   Download Here
2. Download: JDK – Java SE Development Kit 6u24
     Link:   Download Here
3. First Install JDK (downloaded in Step2).
4. Unzip Eclipse (downloaded in step1) and Launch ‘eclipse.exe’
5. Follow the procedure here – where you get the Android Development Tools (ADT) which is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE.   Link:  Info Here
6.  Download Android SDK.
      Link: Download Here  ,  download the .exe version and run it. On finish it will launch the SOFTWARE MANAGER. Just select and continue/OK.
It will install all the updates. It contains the platforms in it.
I took me almost the whole day to get to this point.. Curse my broadband speed.. Hufff..
Now its high time we  get our hands wet.. Happy Coding 🙂